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Ham Shoot!

The friends and family of Dustin and Ashley are putting together a Ham Shoot event to help raise funds for the Dickamore family!  We've already had a phenomenal response and some pretty amazing prizes donated (stay tuned for the list), so please come out, have fun, and show your support.

Time & Place:  Saturday, December 7th 2013 @ the Bountiful  Lions Club shooting range.

Ham Shoot 8.5 x 11.jpg

Event starts at 8:30am with a flag ceremony and prayer.  It will end at 4:00pm.

Breakfast and lunch are available 

Shooting consists of 5 competitors per round.  $6 per shooter.  The winner of the 5 shooters will be awarded a ham.

There will be numerous prizes available through drawings as well as a silent auction.

Please contact Tyler Rast ( with any questions about the event!