The Dickamore Family

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Homepage for Dustin, Ashley, Cole & Haley.   Updates on their life, Dustin's health, the kids' adventures and anything else that's going on in their world.

Dustin & Ashley on KUTV 2 News

KUTV (Salt Lake City's CBS affiliate) did a really nice job interviewing Dust & Ash last night (12/16) while they were at Temple Square seeing the lights.  Dustin's progress throughout all of these interviews is a testament, not only to the miracles they've been blessed with, but also to and the inspiring determination and spirit of the Dickamore family.

There's just no way to adequately thank everyone out there for all the love and support.  The word "outpouring" doesn't quite describe what we've seen, but it comes close.  Thank you.

Click here for the KUTV story.

Ham Shoot Reminder!

Hey everyone, Kyle here.  Just want to remind you of the ham shoot this weekend!  It'll be cold, so bundle up and come have some fun!

By the way, the prize total is now WELL over $25,000.  Come support Ash, Dust, Cole & Haley and win some great prizes!

Ham Shoot 8.5 x 11.jpg