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Baby Wyatt

Written by my dad:

Wyatt Reynolds Dickamore arrived at 11pm on August 13, 2015.  As with every important event in life, there are so many layers and dimensions beyond the simple statement of fact.  For the Reynolds and Dickamore families, the past few years have been turbulent and grueling.  The birth of sweet little Wyatt represents the pure joy that comes from persevering through challenges, as the bitter makes the sweet even more sweet.

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I wish every day could be like August 13, with prayers answered and miracles received.  Our daughters have had five children now, and awaiting the first four brought a gentle anxiety about mother and child being healthy and safe.  This day was different, as the experience of tragedies carries the realization that prayers are not always answered with the outcomes we want.  Our prayers for Ashley and Wyatt carried a new degree of intensity and humility, and a new degree of gratitude when all is well.

We are so grateful for miracles.  We are grateful that Dustin has not only survived but thrived over the past two years.  He is a remarkable son, husband, and father.  Words cannot express the miracle of Dustin looking into Wyatt’s eyes. 

We miss Kaycee, not only every day but every minute.  We know she was with Wyatt until the moment he was born, and we know she continues to watch over Andrew, Jack, and Laney.

We now have seven grandchildren.  Each brings a unique and precious spirit into a flawed and often chaotic world.  Each will experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows, and our most important responsibility is to help them prepare and to provide a safe harbor of love and support that they know is always there.  The forces in this world are so powerful that every child must have the tools and weapons they need to fight for their character and spiritual strength.

There are countless studies of human behavior, with theories of nature versus nurture, personality disorders, highly sensitive versus less sensitive, introverted versus extroverted, personalities susceptible to addictions, etc.  No matter what you choose to believe, there is no denying that a strong family support system makes a significant difference in every case.  Even children with the most extreme problems are strengthened by that support and love.

My own theory is that life does damage to every person, and the key difference is finding your own healthy coping tools that allow a person to become stronger through adversity.  Spiritual conviction and prayer result in faith and hope when they are needed most.  Drawing strength from family and good friends is essential.  Developing healthy interests that require dedication and intensity sharpen the mind and absorb time that could otherwise go to harmful isolation and self-medication.

What I know is that little Wyatt will be loved unconditionally, not only every day of his life but eternally.  His parents and both the Dickamore and the Reynolds families will always be his protectors and advocates.  He will be taught the right things, and he will have every opportunity to have his own unique and powerful impact.  This is a very lucky little boy, and we are grateful beyond words that he has come to us at this time.  Raising a child is a sobering and awesome responsibility, but it also brings the moments that define the purpose of this life.  The sweet is infinitely stronger than the bitter.