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Sickies... and Exciting News!

I don't know what it is about having to stay strong for an extended amount of time that just makes your body crash!  Over the past few months, our immune systems have decided that they would make up for their surge in protection and leave us fighting all sorts of viruses. No fun!

Just this last week alone, I got the cold/flu (body aches, chills, nausea) and then I was up all night with the stomach flu, Cole got pink eye in both eyes, Haley had an ear infection and tummy trouble, Dust had sinus issues. Sheesh!

Dust has been able to avoid a lot of our viruses - thank heaven (and thank the minimum of two packets of Emergen-C he downs every day and the On-Guard he takes every night).


In some very exciting news.... We are West Bountiful's newest land owners! We have been praying and praying, trying to find the right spot for our little fam.  After a visit to the temple, some negotiating on Dust's part, and a zero interest lot loan (thanks Dad!), we feel confident that we have found it!  We were able to close on Friday, making it the perfect Valentine's Day present to ourselves!  Phew!  The stress of finding a location is off our back!

Now comes the stress of making home building decisions (on a serious budget) and hoping that somehow I can talk the Mr. into a few unnecessaries that I find oh, so necessary (on said serious budget).  I am coming to terms with not being able to have a screened porch, though. Even though I feel like my soul NEEDS a screened porch.

We are both so very excited to have this project to throw ourselves into and the prospect of a new home for our little family to look forward to.  It will be a fun distraction, that's for sure.

Although, I am wishing I had taken a carpentry class so I could figure out how to build furniture. Do they teach that in carpentry class?  Eh, I'm sure I'll figure it out (or I'll make Dust do it for me).

Since the accident, we have been debating on whether to build or to just buy and then build in a few years when Dust has recovered more fully, so that he can do a lot of the work himself.  He only really thought about just buying for a minute, here and there

We find ourselves in kind of a precarious situation. We don't know what the future holds as far as surgeries and medical opportunities for Dustin's healing, but we know that it's time to move forward in finding our own little space.

It is a little hard to think we might be breaking ground on our house around the time Dust goes in for his next surgery. We know that we will have to be so very careful with our "reserves", because we don't know how everything will play out.  We don't know a lot of things - and that is scary.  BUT what we do know is that this feels like the right decision and the right time.  So, we will just go forward with faith and hope for a bright future ahead!

I have to say that I am just so impressed by Dustin's readiness to move forward, his eagerness to not let anything hold him back, his willingness to put his head down and his shoulder to the wheel.

Oh, I just love this man so much. I love our beautiful lives together. We are so very blessed.