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Two days before Dustin got his vision back, he held me tight as we lay in his hospital bed.  Totally surrounded by darkness, he clung to me like my little Cole clings to his teddy bear.  

With tears streaming down his face he told me, "I just want to see my kids grow up.  I want to watch Cole throw a baseball, I want to see my beautiful Haley on her wedding day, I want to build our house on that lot."  These are just a few of the many dreams he has for himself.

About an hour later, he asked our dads to give him a priesthood blessing.  There were many beautiful things said in every blessing Dustin received.  The most beautiful, to me, in this particular blessing was seeing Heavenly Father in direct conversation with my sweet Dust.

With their hands on his head, my sweet dad said, "Dustin, your Heavenly Father is aware of the dreams and desires that you have for your life.  He wants you to know that your dreams and your goals are all still in tact."

If anybody knows Dustin (or his dad (or his grandpa)), they know that he ALWAYS has a project going.  Saturdays are generally filled with either hunting, snow mobiling, or building something.  It used to drive me nuts, because he can't ever just relax and do nothing on a Saturday.  

Building, doing, going (and going and going).  These are things that are ingrained in Dust.  My dad was right when he said that Dust was born to build things.  Not only is he naturally talented in this arena, throughout his childhood he was taught how to focus and perfect those skills. One of his earliest memories is nailing about 100 nails into a piece of wood as his dad finished their basement.

After graduating in Construction Management from Weber State, Dust went to work for Jacobsen Construction.  Then a few years ago, he was given an opportunity to work for Green Construction.  This is his life.  He goes, he does, he builds.

In fact, a few years ago, the amazing Sandy Rast asked Dust to pose for this perfect painting of our Savior.  I've heard her say that the man who posed for this painting is 6'2" just like Jesus and is a carpenter just like Jesus. (And I would argue that, while he's not perfect, he has many Christlike attributes).


His whole life has lead him to be a man who builds.  And so, lying there, unable to see and in fear of what his future would hold was pretty terrifying to my Dust.  Even months after his vision returned, it was hard for him to see through the small, blurry, hazy window and his depth perception was way off.  He definitely had fears about how things were going to play out.

I didn't really think anything of it myself, because I knew that eventually he will be back to full health and strength.  But, I also knew Dust and I knew that no matter what the temporary situation holds, he will find a way to do all the things he has always wanted to do.  What doesn't come easily, will come with work.  Work he is willing to do.

We are currently trying to get a lot and Dust has been unsure of what he will be able to as far as building a house for our little family.  

This last weekend, he went with his dad to help our brother-in-law work on their basement that they are finishing.  They worked all day long and I stopped by around 4 pm.  I found him working on closet shelves in one of the bedrooms.  With his back to me, a measuring tape in his hand and a pencil behind his ear, I saw the Dust I have always loved.  I thought, how could this have drove me nuts six months ago and in this very moment make me fall more in love with him?

It was so amazing to me to see Dust in his element, to see promises from our Heavenly Father start working into fruition. 

Curious, I asked him how it was - if it was harder than before.  He told me that it was different, but not too hard.  "It made me excited to build our house!" he said.

And I, for one, cannot wait to see him in action!  I love that he gets to continue this legacy that has been passed down from his grandpa to his dad, from his dad to Dust.  I love that the legacy will not end with Dust.  What a sweet and amazing blessing.


Also, Dust went his first day yesterday without Tylenol or Ibuprofen since September 20!  He has been off of the heavier pain meds since the middle of December.