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The Sunshine House

We were able to escape the nasty inversion this last week and make our way down to sunny Arizona - or what we like to call "The Sunshine House"!  My sweet parents booked us to fly down at just the most perfect time.  Sunshine, 70 degrees, and an ecstatic two-year-old who now thinks a swimming pool means "get naked" - are all things that are so very good for the soul!


These kiddies were loving life!  There is something about feeling that sun soak into your skin that makes a person smile!  There is also something about seeing everyone you love smile that makes your heart feel light!


It was a really fun little getaway.  We didn't have much of an agenda, just made sure to hit the pool at some point every day and eat at good restaurants every night!  Now, that's my kind of vacation!  


You can be sure Dust hit the gym EVERY single day (except Sunday).  Ten more pounds and he'll be back up to his pre-accident weight!  I am in awe of him daily - who he is and how hard he works.  He will not let anything hold him back.  I am so proud to be his wife.  

As for me - my feet, my legs, my lungs - oh, it felt so good to get out in that sun and just run!!!  Also, I did conquer my paralyzing fear of heights by climbing a rock wall (three times).  The last time I tried it, I climbed as high as I could possibly climb.  Shaking and on the verge of tears, I begged Dust to come help me down.  He laughed as he walked over to the wall and reached up to touch my shoe.  (It's much MUCH higher than it looks in the photo... But really it is.)  I didn't want to post a photo, but there had to be proof.


The whole gang went to the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday - fed some giraffes, rode some camels, played with some monkey's.

 I know that I sound like a broken record when I say this, but watching Dust at the Zoo filled my heart with gratitude.  I can't even describe how it feels to watch him walk around the Zoo with Cole on his shoulders, pointing out all the animals, realizing that life could have been so different.  A simple day at the Zoo could have been SO very different. 

Arizona Zoo.jpg

With a few days left in Arizona, poor Haley developed her third terrible ear infection in three months, complete with a fever and no sleep.  That, a runny nose, and two teeth that won't burst through the gums made for a very sad baby.  It's a good thing she has so many people who love to cuddle her!  Even at 2 am so mom could get some sleep (thanks grammy!).

Arizona sickies.jpg

All-in-all, we had a really great time visiting with my fam and playing in the sunshine!  Now, back to reality!