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Twas the Week Before Christmas

Last week we went to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square.  I'm not sure that there's anything more beautiful.  Except for this sweet family of mine.


We have been doing some last minute Christmas shopping.  It's the 23rd and we are not even close to done.  Agh.  Although, I'm not sure we even needed to do any Christmas shopping as masked men come bearing gifts at our front door.  FYI - my dad was pretty sure the masked man was going to rob us.  When he didn't, he was sure the envelope contained anthrax!  Ha ha ha.  

People are just so kind.  We are so thankful!  Cole is going to be disappointed next Christmas, that's for sure!


And we have been dealing with a house full of sickies!  Fingers crossed we are all better by the time Santa makes his appearance!


It's been so nice to have some normalcy around here!  We have had a good couple of weeks.  Dustin has made it back to the gym, which was a big hurdle for him!  He had been working out at home before that, but was nervous to get back in there.  He's gained back 15 of the 35 lbs he lost!  That might have a little bit to do with the half-and-half and egg nog I've been feeding him!

We were so elated on Tuesday when the eye doctors checked his vision and he tested 20/25!!!  Full health and strength here we come!  The doctor said, "The healing power of the body never ceases to amaze me!"  The healing power of our Heavenly Father never ceases to amaze us!

We also found out that his next surgery will be in the end of January.  They will be pulling his eyes forward a little bit and moving his eyelids closer together.  It makes us nervous to have that much work done on his eyes, but we know what the end result will be so we will go forward in faith!

Late the other night, I found myself running around doing who-knows-what.  I was brought to an abrupt stop at my bedroom doorway.  Amidst my chaos, I found Dust sitting on the floor with his baby girl on his chest.  Whatever I was doing faded into the background as I dropped to the floor behind them.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  Nobody in the world would love these kids the way this daddy does.  Nobody in the world could take his place.  

The biggest gift our little family was given this year is the beautiful gift that we are still all here together.  There is no hole, no empty spot at the table.  I couldn't ever ask for anything more than what I have at this very moment.